How to Use Gift Cards to Get Bitcoin

You probably have tons of gift cards laying around unused. Maybe you can’t find anything to buy using the card, or maybe you’d rather use it to pay for stuff you actually need, like investing Whatever your reason may be, you can now find a useful way to spend those gift cards!

So Many Gift Cards, So Little Time!

Some of the most common gift cards used are from iTunes, Amazon, ebay, Walmart, MasterCard, and for you gamers out there, Steam!

Once you find your unused gift cards at home or purchased them from your local store you’ll want to head over to your trusted Bitcoin exchange site that accepts gift cards, such as Paxful. When you find a trusted seller with the price, instructions, and conditions you can agree on, follow these simple steps:

After you reach out to the seller they’re going to ask you to send them a clear photo of your card. It is important to show the amount and the gift card code so it is advised that you send a picture showing the entire front and back side of your gift card. Other sellers will ask for a photo of the gift card receipt for additional security. So if you can, you’d want to send a clear photo of that as well. Once that’s done just wait for them to verify and release your Bitcoins, and voila! You just turned your gift cards into Bitcoins!

Easy Money

The reason why a lot of people prefer to use gift cards is that it’s one of the most convenient and cheap ways to get Bitcoin. With gift cards, you can find them almost anywhere. You don’t need to use a bank account, and it’s not too complicated so anyone can do it. You remain anonymous, there are lots of sellers, and overall the trading process is really fast and secure, as long as you use the right website.

So, what do you think about trading with gift cards? Let us know your experience in the comments section down below.