Image of the characters of the animation Bitcoin and Friends

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Last month a new animated series was released on Youtube called “Bitcoin and Friends”. It focuses on the journey of a lonely bitcoin named “B” in search of his father, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. The producers plan to make eight episodes all in all.

The show is set during the 2008 financial crisis where the protagonist journeys through the world in search for answers. Along the way he meets fun and quirky characters, some of which are inspired by notable figures in the crypto industry such as Mitalik, Ethereum and the Bankster Henchmen.

The witty and dark humoured series has so far received positive reactions from users. Since its first episode, entitled “Tears of A Clown”, aired on March 28, 2019 the video has over 30,000 views with very few dislikes. The remaining episodes are still locked until the producers can get enough money to work on it since the entire project is crowd funded. The donations will be used for voice talents, music and sound design among many other things.You can check out more details about it and how to donate through Bitcoin and Friend’s official website.

People who contribute will also get a chance to get featured in the show with their own personalized character, private screenings and digital figurines depending on how much they donate.

Aside from the episodes where they tell the tragic but interesting life of B, Bitcoin and Friends also has vlogs where they break the fourth wall and even address popular crpyto figures like Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum.

The show’s producer. Robert Allen said that “The story of Bitcoin and crypto is so colorful that it was an obvious treasure trove of good comedy and compelling characters and stories.”

Until the show gets the funding they need, we’ll need to be patient for the remaining episodes and with the crazy rollercoaster ride that is bitcoin, we can definitely use a good laugh.

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