Easy Ways to Earn Money with Bitcoin

Have you wanted to to earn extra income online? Well look no further! Today we’ll show you several easy ways to earn a couple of bucks with Bitcoin!

1. Bitcoin Faucets

Bitcoin Faucets are websites that reward you Satoshi’s for completing certain tasks. Satoshi’s, in case you guys didn’t know, are a hundredth of a millionth BTC and it’s the smallest fraction of a bitcoin that can be sent. Some of the tasks include watching ads, completing surveys and even playing games! Try checking out bitcoinaliens.com to play fun games while earning money! Bitcoin faucets are perfect first step for bitcoin newbies who want to dabble in bitcoin without the risk of losing any money BUT note that you won’t earn huge amount of income in faucets.

2. Micro Jobs

Similar to faucets, you will be given tasks. These tasks will require more effort than what you do on Bitcoin Faucets but you’ll also reap a higher amount of bitcoins. Some of the tasks include downloading apps, signing up on websites and transcribing documents. A popular and reliable platform worth checking out is earn.com.

3. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are an excellent way to earn a passive income. Although it depends on which platform you use, the basic affiliate program structure would require you to provide links to bring users from your own personal platforms onto the merchant’s platform. When other users sign up because of you, you get a part of the company’s earnings as well. A company that works this way is Paxful. Just share your link and earn money even if you’re away from your computer!

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4. Blogging

If you have good researching and writing skills then you can definitely put that to use! There are several websites looking for content writers and crypto blogs who are willing to pay you in cryptocurrency. To help you get started you can check out BitGigs and Steemit.

5. Buying and HODL-ing

Now this requires a bit of a learning curve and compared to the previous gigs, has a risk factor as well. We  highly suggest to do your own research before diving into trading bitcoins. But basically, the idea is to buy bitcoins during a “dip” and “HODL” til the price rises back up and that’s when you sell. That way you earn a bigger amount than you spent in the beginning.

So many ways to earn and so little time! So what are you waiting for? Start getting those bitcoins!

Got any other ways to earn bitcoins? Share your tips in the comment section down below.